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SignHero partner story: Proactive cooperation offers a win-win-win situation

SaaShop and SignHero have a long partnership that offers benefits to both companies, and above all, the customers. SignHero has been available in SaaShop´s marketplace since 2020 and through our marketplace, SignHero has gained over 1100 users. In this article, we talk about the successful partnership between the two Finnish companies that are now going international and offering SaaS solutions to small to medium sized businesses globally.

SignHero, developed and owned by a Finnish software company Avaintec Oy, enables an easy signing of PDF documents with just a few clicks on computers and mobile devices. User-friendliness and efficiency are SignHero´s strengths: signing happens easily and doesn’t require a SignHero account and signed documents stored in SignHero. You can add team members to your organization account, as well as track processes and send reminders and signing invitations by email.

The benefits of using SignHero are many as it helps to get rid of pen-and-paper signing and physical archiving, which offers environmental benefits. SignHero helps to streamline processes and cut down costs. The smooth communication process improves the customer experience. SignHero also meets the industry standards and requirements for electronic signatures.

Helping customers is the main aim of partnering up

In January 2022, SignHero launched a paid version with new functionalities which support smooth and easy use of the service. With this development, the intensity of the collaboration has increased as SignHero uses the marketing package SaaShop offers for SaaS partners.

“The cooperation has been fruitful from the beginning and together with launching the paid version, we have worked together with SaaShop more intensively,” the CEO of Avaintec, Pekka Kuosmanen, describes. He continues:

“Teaming up with businesses that have a similar customer base, but aren’t in direct competition has its own advantages. They say that win-win cooperation is the best cooperation. SaaShop attracts customers for us that we might not be able to reach, and SaaShop acts as a reseller of our digital signature service SignHero. In turn, we believe that we can add value to SaaShop as they can better serve their customers with our service, and our partnership helps further grow their business.”

“They say that win-win cooperation is the best cooperation.”

Both SaaShop and SignHero are also growing their international customer base. The two companies also share similar values as user experience and customer service are priorities which both strive for.

“SignHero is unique because we prioritize usability over complex features. We have two advantages: a loyal user base, and easy integrations to other services,” the Operation manager of Avaintec Oy, Fatbardhe Hetemaj, says.

“We have been very pleased with the cooperation all in all, especially with SaaShop’s proactive approach and a positive, can-do attitude in customer service. Customers expect quick responses and problem-solving and we’re always happy to see a satisfied customer. We are both committed to assisting customers in any way possible,” Hetemaj continues.

“We’re always happy to see a satisfied customer. We are both committed to assisting customers in any way possible.”

Avaintec is happy to recommend SaaShop´s service and partnership to others:

“We see SaaShop as one of the most important reseller channels for SignHero in the future and look forward to expanding cooperation to international markets as well. The SaaShop has a great team of people working for them making working together very smooth,” Kuosmanen concludes.

SaaShop offers all SaaS products from one place, on one bill. Customers can create a profile for SignHero directly from SaaShop´s marketplace. Read more about the benefits of becoming a SaaShop partner here.


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