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Improving everyday life through AI services

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Avaintec is providing health and social-care organisations with AI-as-a-Service to support and help their professionals in real-time decision making. We work alongside our customers and partners to accelerate the journey towards value-based care, where the focus is improved service (quality of care) with lower costs (efficiency). Our AI services add significant strategic flexibility to the operations of care organisations.

Our services

Our team is committed to developing and offering top-quality AI services for the future.

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Let's improve everyday life through AI services

We are an innovative company and starting a new journey in AI-world.

We have the proposal of new values.

Recent happenings

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Collaboration between Avaintec and eID Easy introduces advanced signatures to SignHero

Our culture is based on our Avaintec values and defined by our shared purpose.

From a deep-rooted culture built on a strong legacy of our values, Avaintec’s global employees bring diverse perspectives and innovative ideas to help enable our vision in becoming the leading AI-as-a-service company.

Join our team

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Part of our partners and customers

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