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Collaboration between Avaintec and eID Easy introduces advanced signatures to SignHero

Avaintec is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with eID Easy, a leading advanced and qualified signature provider. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Avaintec's commitment to provide comprehensive and competitive electronic signing.

At the core of this collaboration lies Avaintec's flagship e-signing service, SignHero, a dynamic platform renowned for its speed, simplicity, and international accessibility. Since its inception in 2017, SignHero has rapidly evolved into a global phenomenon, currently available in nine languages across numerous countries. Its hallmark features include user-friendly functionality, seamless integration, and a competitive pricing structure that has set new standards in the industry.

Now, with the integration of advanced signatures into SignHero's repertoire, the platform extends its capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution to the diverse needs of digital signing. Advanced signatures offer an additional layer of assurance and legal validity, particularly crucial for certain procedures where heightened security measures are imperative. Despite this enhancement, SignHero remains steadfast in its commitment to simplicity, retaining its motto "Choose easy" while ensuring a robust level of protection for digital signatures through its email-based signing service. This strategic amalgamation of convenience and security equips SignHero to address the varied requirements of its user base with unparalleled efficacy.

On the other hand, eID Easy has been at the forefront of revolutionizing electronic ID authentication and signature methods since 2016, offering a suite of solutions designed to streamline advanced and qualified electronic signature processes and enhance customer authentication protocols. Through its versatile API, businesses can seamlessly integrate signature functionalities into their digital infrastructure, thereby enabling efficient and cost-effective digitization initiatives. Moreover, eID Easy's innovative plugins, libraries, and applications empower organizations to leverage national ID cards for identity verification and document signing, tapping into the burgeoning trend of electronic ID adoption across different jurisdictions. By consolidating a diverse array of authentication methods into a unified framework, eID Easy simplifies the complexities of digital identity management, fostering greater trust and efficiency in online transactions.

With eID Easy's extensive expertise in providing high level  signature solutions across multiple jurisdictions, particularly in Europe, and SignHero's robust multilingual platform, the collaboration offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking international compatibility and regulatory compliance in their digital signing endeavors.

In expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Pekka Kuosmanen, CEO of Avaintec, remarked, "Avaintec is thrilled to partner with eID Easy in this exciting venture, leveraging our combined strengths to redefine the landscape of electronic signing."

Similarly, Margus Pala, CEO of eID Easy, echoed this sentiment, stating, "eID Easy is excited to embark on this collaborative journey with Avaintec. We see that electronic signatures without an identity verification layer are phasing out because of the very fast adoption growth of advanced and qualified electronic signatures. SignHero is now much more future proof and valuable for its users.

Together, Avaintec and eID Easy stand poised to revolutionize the realm of electronic signing, ushering in a new era of efficiency, security, and accessibility for businesses worldwide.


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