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AvainLog is an AI-as-a-Service for monitoring the usage of health and social care data and alerting of misuse. The service supports social and health care organisation's information security responsibles’ and other professionals’ work.

The service alerts organisations and data protection officers of data security issues and monitors GDPR-regulations compliance from the citizen’s point of view. AvainLog is based on an artificial intelligence model produced by machine learning that creates an assessment on the possibility of misuse for every log event.

With the help of the AI service artificial intelligence can comb through millions of log events to produce a manually controllable amount of alerts for the data protection responsible. As an example of this the amount of handled alerts dropped from 2 million to 10 000 alerts.


The service improves supervision of GDPR-regulations

AvainLog improves data protection of personal healthcare data

The service creates cost savings due to more effective data security processes and increased data protection levels

Saves 30 % of data protection costs

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ChildScreen is an AI-as-a-Service for children’s symptom assessment and remote care.

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Children and youth deal with many different parties in the social and healthcare sector. Therefore the information concerning them is scattered in different systems. Their problems could go unnoticed because no one party has a comprehensive understanding of the child’s life situation.


The Custody AI-as-a-Service solution will enhance operative work by gathering large amounts of data (on the child and their close family) from different databases, it can form profiles for the problem cases and it can recognise risk factors related to the problems as well as alert the personnel working with the children by producing a forecast on the risk of the child ending up in urgent placement or in custody.


The AI service will help the child to receive help before the problems form, it will reduce the need for expensive and heavy corrective measures and it will enable better targeted services for the child’s life management.

An example of a custody case saving the professional’s time:
A doctor has a 20 minute consultation time. Today he spent 2-7 minutes searching for relevant patient information. AI provides real time accurate information, saving 4-5 minutes per patient. With 10 patients a day, AI aid increases capacity to 12 patients.


The service improves the quality of life of children and families

It saves costs since the custody processes are very expensive

It improves co-operation between health and social care organisations


Due to the scatteredness of social and healthcare it can be difficult to form a comprehensive picture on the wellbeing of a patient. Due to this, the patients themselves might have difficulties seeking out right services and at the right time.


Because it is difficult to determine the correct services, patients might end up using a lot of unnecessary services without getting a solution to their core problem.


This AI-as-a-Service for Mental health and substance abuse problems will save time and resources of social and healthcare workers, reduce the amount of unnecessary mental health and substance ER visits and help the patient to get the right service at the right time as well as the quality of treatment itself by supporting the healthcare professionals decision making with risk features and a predictive model prediction for repeat visits.


The service improves people’s life especially during epidemics as well as afterwards

It saves costs since hospital treatments can be avoided

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Rehabilitation services can be scattered and ineffective. Valuable rehabilitation time of the patient and the social and healthcare services can be wasted with incorrect and ineffective treatment. With the help of RehabScreen, an AI-as-a-Service solution, rehabilitation services can be targeted in a timely and effective manner.


RehabScreen assists in creating a rehabilitation plan and assessing performance of rehabilitation procedures.The service helps to decrease the scatteredness of rehabilitation services and it can be used to produce information on the different phases of the rehabilitation process for basic healthcare, social services and special care.


RehabScreen gives more information on the patient’s current status, need for rehabilitation and functional ability. It helps to create a prediction of the success of rehabilitation procedures and it gives an idea of the significance of different rehabilitation categories.


The service supports the decision making of professionals and it helps to identify problems in the rehabilitation process at an early stage. It can also speed up understanding the patient’s situation as a whole and it can improve the whole rehabilitation process.


The service improves quality of life of people to be rehabilitated

Saves costs since the rehabilitation is targeted and done based on special needs

Reduces readmissions to the hospital

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