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Sahihi Haki & SignHero signed a joint venture agreement

SignHero and Sahihi Haki entered into a partnership in February 2023. This joint venture enables SignHero to offer electronic signing services to countries south of the Sahara and East Africa. This is a large area that is digitizing rapidly and where there is a demand for this type of service.

SignHero is a fast and easy electronic signing service developed by the Finnish software company Avaintec. SignHero was launched in 2017 and has grown into an international service that is currently offered in eight languages in dozens of countries. SignHero's strengths are its ease of use, internationality and very competitive price.

SignHero's new partner Sahihi Haki is a Kenyan company that is a System Integrator to pave the way for Information Technology innovative and reliable solutions for governments, banks, and private sectors. They offer a wide range of unparalleled solutions from highly secure document issuing and personalization solutions to seamlessly integrated e Government solutions.

The joint venture concluded now enables SignHero to participate in the rapid digitalization of the East African region and introduces new users to the many advantages of electronic signing. Business-to-business spending in Africa's manufacturing sector is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2050. With this, digitalization has a huge opportunity to improve the industry's competitiveness and strengthen regional economies.

Organizations in the region should simplify decision-making and take steps towards digitization, even if only in small steps. SignHero e-signature service is just such a small step towards digitization that will significantly facilitate the business operations of organizations in the East African region.

Pekka Kuosmanen, Avaintec's CEO says:

"I am really pleased that SignHero's electronic signature service can be expanded to Africa in cooperation with Sahihi Haki. The cooperation enables Avaintec the blue ocean market opportunity of electronic signature."

Bertrand Ngaywa from Sahihi Haki says:

“As Sahihi Haki we are pleased to work with Avaintec towards the introduction of electronic signatures in the African region as we are motivated towards pushing for Information Technology innovation as per the current global trends.”


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