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Patient data and artificial intelligence to help the rehabilitation of the elderly

Artificial intelligence is starting to support the rehabilitation of people over 75 years old. The new rehabilitation service is developed in collaboration with Avaintec Oy, the Health and Welfare Institute THL and South Ostrobothnia Hospital District together with other operators in the region.

The artificial intelligence-based service anticipates, evaluates and guides rehabilitation and helps in preparing a rehabilitation plan. With its help, rehabilitation for the elderly can be targeted in a timely manner. The purpose of the service is to improve the quality of life for the elderly and increase opportunities to live at home longer than before.

The cooperation between Avaintec, THL and operators in the South Ostrobothnia region combines the region’s and THL's patient data registers. By utilizing Finnish healthcare registers, it is possible to make individual treatment plans and provide proactive care, timely investments help professionals and ensure rehabilitation effectiveness and adequacy of resources.

The artificial intelligence model of rehabilitation, RehabScreen, is built by analyzing THL's national RAI and Hilmo databases. Avaintec is responsible for the construction of the analysis and artificial intelligence model. THL will conduct their own research on the use of artificial intelligence in the rehabilitation process.

Proactive care

RehabScreen artificial intelligence service uses RAI data to produce a risk assessment of the patient's potential functional impairment and predicts falling and pain relief probability.

Care and rehabilitation professionals can use the artificial intelligence service for the customer as support for rehabilitation-related decision-making. RehabScreen can, for example, anticipate the highlighted increased risk of decreased functional capacity, allowing the professional to use RehabScreen's prediction when planning the client's treatment. Hence customer problems can be reacted to earlier and transition to expensive institutional rehabilitation can possibly be avoided. RehabScreen helps to tailor customer service more individually and to recognize changing situations faster than before.

The need for social and health care, innovative ability and strong knowledge reserves are combined in the cooperation between THL, Avaintec and South Ostrobothnia hospital district. This cooperation promotes management with information in the Finnish social and health care industry.

The goal of the pilot project is to create academically validated, new artificial intelligence based operating models and practices. They can be used to gain effectiveness in the new welfare areas, and the result may be a new way of home care for the elderly and to provide effective rehabilitation practices.

The South Ostrobothnia hospital district is responsible for testing the artificial intelligence model. About half a year-long production pilot will start in Suupohja LLKY in September 2022.


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