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Avaintec is proud to be a partner of PreMed project

PreMed project aims to catalyse co-operation between stakeholders in Finland and abroad and to promote the development of a data-driven precision medicine ecosystem in Finland by utilising well-curated health and social services data resources.

Avaintec is proud to be a partner of PreMed project as a specialist in data management and analytics.

Genetic information stored in biobanks brings new opportunities for individualised health care. According to a new study by VTT, tailoring based on genetic information can improve treatment outcomes of blood thinner treatment. There are nearly 400,000 users of blood thinners in Finland, and so the increased understanding of the effects of genetics on the drug therapy potentially benefits a large number of patients.

Read more: Personalised drug therapy based on genetic information may improve treatment results – Finnish study demonstrates connection between genetic background and treatment outcomes among patients taking blood thinners

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