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Avaintec & Eksote develop artificial intelligence to help predict children’s problems

The South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote), city of Lappeenranta and Avaintec have developed an artificial intelligence tool that predicts children’s problems. The tool is developed in connection to the government key programme to address reform in child and family services and helps professionals offer preventative care before any serious problems arise.

The model is the most extensive one conducted in Finland thus far. It combines data from both social work and healthcare systems, as well as educational institutions, including kindergartens.

Toni Suihko (CIO of Eksote) explains that professionals who work with children document great amounts of information and therefore the right predictive indicators are difficult to find.

Instead, the AI tool searches masses of data and looks for markers that may predict the development of problems in the future.

Yle News of Southeastern Finland reported on the project on 10.7.2018.

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