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through secure digital document management

smart solutions for e-society

Avain Technologies Ltd is a Finnish software company specialized in digital services. We provide secure solutions and the latest technology for digital signatures, forms and archiving as well as provide consultancy services in the field.

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Digitizing your business processes for over 15 years

Avain Technologies’ X-Suite product family includes X-Web Form Manager, an XML-based, single-server solution for managing electronic forms and their workflows; X-Digital Signature Suite, a standalone, application-independent component, compatible with PKI and other signature standards; and X-Archive, a long-term archival solution, which is based on international open standards and includes a generic archive record schedule management which can be integrated into most demanding archive management regulations.

Our products enable the organizations and corporations digitize their service and information workflow processes across organizational boundaries without compromising information security.

Majority of our customers are from public administration, health care and financing. Our products are integrated as individual components into customers’ existing systems, or combined to form a larger case management system. With our family of products, companies and organizations can digitize internal and external work processes and adapt securely to the requirements of a paperless society.

Forms on a single platform

X-Web Form Manager Electronic Form Platform

X-WebFormManager : Electronic Form Platform

X-WebFormManager (X-WFM) is a versatile platform for creating digital forms for e-transactions, internal operating processes and workflow processes. The product has comprehensive tools for creating and managing digital forms as well as their process workflows.


Power up your archiving

X-Archive Electronic Document Archive Management

X-Archive : Electronic Document Management

X-Archive is a versatile software suite that significantly improves the creation, management and usability of archives. It is suitable for extremely demanding digital document management.


Electronic Signature Solutions

X-DSS Digital Signature Software

X-DigitalSignatureSuite : Electronic Signature Software

The X-DigitalSignatureSuite (X-DSS) software offers secure digital signatures for an organisation’s internal processes and services through the platform’s open interfaces. A smart card (PKI), cell phone, system certificate, password, Internet banking signature or SignPad can be used for signing.


Migration and Archiving

Migration and Archiving Services

Effortless transition to new archives

Avain Technologies’ migration and archiving services are an easy and secure way to combine database legacy systems, modernise data structures and archive information ac- cording to legal requirements.


Hear from our customers

Finnish Ministry of Education uses Avaintec Electronic Signature

“A big step towards paperless management”

The Ministry of Education and Culture created up to 20 000 hand signed documents annually. Paper documents were transferred between planners by internal mail; correspondence with outside parties required external mail service.
The need for paperless processes was evident but there were many challenges.

Read more on what those challenges were and how we solved them…[PDF]

Itä Savo Hospital District uses Avain Tecnologies Digital Signature

“A service-centered digital operation model from Itä-Savo Hospital District”

The Hospital District of Itä-Savo uses digital systems in patient care and personnel management as well as in business and document management. However, the documents in the system first have to be printed, then signed manually and finally archived as paper copies.

The X-DigitalSignatureSuite from Avain Technologies was the solution…[PDF]

Keski-Suomi Hospital District uses Avain Technologies Digital Archive Solution

“Old medical records in effective use via a modern digital archiving system”

The Hospital District of Keski-Suomi put in use a regional medical records system. As a result, several basic medical and dental care systems in which vast amounts of data needed in daily patient care had been archived through the years became obsolete. The problem also involved the legal archiving of millions of documents.

Our X-Archive was selected as the product of choice for digital archiving…[PDF]

“A Web based solution for The Finnish National Board of Education”

The Finnish National Board of Education issues annually about 50 different grant applications for educational organisations. The appllicants generally filled out paper forms which were handled manually .

The goal was to progress to completely paperless application processes.

X-WebFormManager was the chosen product and it was deployed as a cloud service…[PDF]