Uutisia / 25.04.2017

Goodbye Passwords, Hello Convenience – SelfieSign

Sharing Economy is crying out for online trust, eCommerce is looking for one-click purchasing experience and consumers are struggling with not so seamless integrations between cloud services. The biggest bottleneck for fully digital customer paths is the hassle of online authentication and confirmation. Same problems have blocked the way for global electronic signature solutions. But those days are gone my friends!

People already use biometric recognition, voice recognition and Facebook authentication on a daily basis for online transactions. N26 gives you a fully mobile banking experience with ability to create a bank account remotely, Mastercard is changing the game with their brilliant Selfie payment solution and Jumio is providing online ID checks to give more credibility to SaaS business. We are jumping on the same train with our new SelfieSign feature.

SelfieSign brings two things on the table for future eCommitments and electronic signatures:

1) Two second video of you is recorded exactly when you are signing, confirming or stamping digital content. You can use existing technology within your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. We will store the video and all the parties of this agreement can verify the signer.

2) The encrypted audit trail of this event is stored into a public blockchain. Audit trail contains a hash of the video, server signed document and timestamp. Now you don’t have to trust our system for checking the audit trail. You can rely on blockchain technology to keep track of the data.

SelfieSign will not create another digital ID service or replace existing strong authentication methods in use cases where these elements are vital. What we offer is a strong evidence-based authentication for use cases where parties usually know each other. We are offering a simple and powerful way to make a digital handshake whenever there is the freedom of making contracts.

Jere Vento

COO, Head of Marketing

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