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Digital archive

X-Archive is a software product for digital archiving that facilitates and clarifies work in public administration. All document and file formats, from all sources, accessible with a single user interface.

X-Archive's heart and soul is the integrity and non-repudiation of document data and files, for their entire lifecycle. Our product also includes several ways to publish and distribute archived documents.

Our customers use X-Archive to store the following types of documents:
  • Patient records
  • Case management
  • HR, finance and payroll administration
  • Supervisory control of building
  • Educational administration

Vendor-neutral archive (VNA):

Open interfaces for source and target system integration and the ability to archive any file format using any metadata model.

Centralised storage for any type of document:

Several virtual archives can be built into a single archive instance, meaning that the electronic archives of different controllers can be implemented in the same database.

Distributed system architecture:

Files and documents are stored separately from the operational systems that produce or utilise them.


Finland’s first SÄHKE2-certified storage system.

X-Archive offers the following features:

  • Browser-based user interfaces
  • Separate browsing and search user interface
  • All metadata can be used as search criteria
  • Free word search from the text content of archived documents
  • User management, enabling user roles, groups and organisations
  • Take into use as either a local installation or from Avaintec Cloud
  • File import and export functionalities for admin users
  • The archive structure can be created according to the customer’s needs and wishes:
    • Distributed virtual archives
    • Job categories that can be freely configured for each virtual archive
    • Metadata model that can be configured to any level, from a virtual archive to an individual document
    • Rules for storage period and publicity, which can be configured for each document

Used by

  • Avaintec’s digital archive allowed Päijät-Häme Social and Health Care Group to transfer their patient information to professionals quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Max Niskanen
Service Sales Manager
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