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Digital Signatures Tailored

Digital workflow & signature

Tailored is a software platform that enables digital workflows and signatures in a unique way. Tailored’s strength is that any signature process can be made digital quickly and in an end-user-friendly way.

Tailored suits you if you create contracts digitally, but then print them out and send them by post to be signed. Tailored enables you to implement a fully digital workflow of all contracts throughout the organisation.

The supported signature and identification methods in Tailored are:
  • Mobile certificates
  • ID card and smart card certificates issued by the Population Register Centre
  • Other PKI cards
  • Bank identifiers (TUPAS)
  • Server signatures
  • Identification based on user accounts
  • Touchscreen signatures
  • Signature pads
  • 2-step identification methods (SMS, email)

Easy implementation

Tailored’s browser-based user interfaces are designed for administrators, initiators of signature processes, and signatories.

Modifiable workflows

Tailored enables the creation of entirely new workflows, but as part of our service we offer template workflows.
Tailored includes the following modules:
  • Electronic employment contract
  • Electronic appointment to office
  • Electronic decision by civil servant
  • Electronic non-disclosure agreement
  • Electronic minutes of meeting
  • General signature workflow
  • Stamping of certificates and student’s transcript of records
  • Personal signature without workflow

Tailored is widely used in the Finnish finance and public sectors.

Used by

  • Avaintec’s solutions enabled OP-Pohjola Group to integrate digital signatures into their service processes.

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Max Niskanen
Max Niskanen
Service Sales Manager
+358 50 366 0186