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Digital Signatures Kit

Digital signature generator

Kit is essentially a black box that creates signatures upon request and can be integrated into an existing system. Kit does not process files or display a user interface for document viewing or approval.
Kit is the right choice for you, when your system takes care of all other aspects of document processing apart from the signature.

XML signatures

PDF signatures

EIDAS-compliant (XAdES & PAdES)

Integrated signature functionality

The signature can either be implemented in the background as a service signature, or the user can be requested to identify themself and sign.
The following authentication methods can be used:
  • Bank identifiers
  • Mobile certificate
  • Smart card signature
  • System signature
  • identification integration
  • Touchscreen and sign pad signatures

Used for:
  • ePrescriptions
  • Construction supervision systems
  • Case management systems
  • HR management systems

Used by

  • Heinola’s building supervision uses X-Archive and Kit: Digitalisation brings efficiency and savings – Heinola halved their postal expenses.

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Max Niskanen
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