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Data analysis & AI for healthcare

DataChief is a tool that brings the benefits of artificial intelligence and meaningful data analysis to the social and healthcare sector.

Its comprehensive toolset includes a wide variety of top-of-the-line data preparation and analysis components, as well as visualisation options. The possibility of end-to-end analysis brings together the data, expertise and resources needed to acquire significant findings. The easy-to-use UI supports data-driven decision-making.

Easy, visual UI

No coding necessary; buttons and drag-and-drop functions

Analytics tools

Correlation, clustering, distribution and regression algorithms

Artificial intelligence components

Includes NLP, K-Means, and various machine learning components

Optional coding

Integration of Python (Jupyter notebook) and R (R Studio).
DataChief requires
  • No coding skills
  • No statistical background
  • No difficult data validation
  • No complex configuration tools

The data analysis tool is particularly beneficial for
  • Hospitals & healthcare centres
  • Social care institutions
  • Research centres

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