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Avaintec and Neotide’s unique collaboration

Introducing a comprehensive and real time log monitoring system This is the first time in Finland that an artificial intelligence-based log monitoring system, provided in collaboration, is based on real time log monitoring and fulfills the obligations of a register holder instead of random samples. Comprehensive log monitoring in real time The different solutions of the companies have been integrated into one solution so that the introduction of artificial intelligence is easy for current customers of Avaintec and Neotide. For new clients the solution offers a comprehensive and efficient artificial intelligence-based solution.

Several logs or joint register logs (patient information, PACS, billing, working time monitoring, Human Resources and so on) can be attached to the system and their monitoring is done through a unified interface where registry specific surveillance can be done by managing user rights.

The aspect of real time and comprehensiveness is done by utilising artificial intelligence, so instead of random examinations, possible use case anomalies can be detected automatically and in real time and instant reaction to potential misuse cases is possible. Therefore the system supports the register holder so that the handling is only limited to personal information that is necessary in these cases.

As an example of self-monitoring, the register holder is obligated to follow regulation-based handling reasons of the register information handler that justifies them to handle personal information.

The register holder has to monitor and if needed, intervene in misuse cases. If a person suffers material or immaterial damage caused by breaking data protection regulations, they have a right to receive compensation from the register holder or the party handling personal information. The party handling personal information can therefore be liable for damages caused by handling personal information.

Supervisory authority can also impose a fine on the party handling personal information that depending on the classification of the violation can be up to 10 to 20 million euros or for a company up to 2-4 % of the worldwide turnover from the previous fiscal year depending on which of these amounts is bigger. The Finnish data protection agency has given their first penalty payments, for instance Posti received a fine for 500 000 €.

Pekka Kuosmanen, Avaintec Oy: We are excited and proud of starting our collaboration and the possibilities that it brings. We believe that the comprehensive solution of AvainLog and LogMonitor will create more added value for our clients since through networked collaboration we can serve our clients better with a service that is easier to use and more efficient - it’s easy to take into use! Buying the service is simple. Johan Kullas, Neotide Oy:

Just knowing the fact that all use is monitored in real time decreases misuse cases, as we have noticed elsewhere. The monitoring of GDPR regulations is more efficient and improved. The register holder can fulfill their monitoring responsibilities for the use of their own registers with this arrangement. Data protection matters have to be taken seriously and this makes it easier for register holders to uphold these obligations.

In a large portion of the clientele, the amount of log markings rises up to hundreds of millions. It is apparent that with manual handling the detecting of misuse cases with the so called random picks is laborious and unpredictable as well as extremely frustrating routine work. We have strived together with Avaintec to create the means for efficient and meaningful work for the information security responsible.

Benefits of the comprehensive solution:

  • Mutual solution improves the transparency of log monitoring and its quality

  • Prevention of misuse cases

  • Mutual solution decreases the costs of log monitoring and releases human resources from routine screening to investigation of possible misuse cases

  • It improves the realisation of GDPR regulations, monitoring and data protection

  • The information security officer’s use of time is optimised

Avaintec Oy

Avaintec has introduced digital signatures of prescriptions in Finland among other solutions. The company has been a forerunner in developing and offering digital archives and electronic signature products. These days Avaintec focuses on developing and offering AI-as-a-Service solutions for social and healthcare providers. Avaintec’s solutions based on artificial intelligence for social and healthcare include CustodyChief for helping with custody cases, ChildScreen that helps assess the need for treatment for small children, MentalChief that helps to target and guide mental health services and RehabScreen, a solution for rehabilitation related cases that is being delivered to several public and private operators. (

Neotide Oy

Neotide has provided over half of Finland’s hospital districts with Exreport, an information system for leadership as well as the log monitoring system LogMonitor. These systems are also used in other consortium of municipalities, cities and counties. Neotide is also known for providing SAI infection tracking. At the moment Neotide’s SAI coronavirus tracking system operates as a standard in Finland’s coronavirus tracking operations. (

More information:

Pekka Kuosmanen, CEO of Avaintec Oy,

Johan Kullas, CEO of Neotide Oy,


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