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Easy and delightful customer experiences with AvainPay

24 April 2019
Minna Parikka

Chinese tourists come to Finland at an increasing rate; and they pay for their designer shoes and Moomin souvenirs with their favourite Chinese app.

From 2016 to 2017 the number of Chinese tourists visiting Finland grew by more than 30%, according to Visit Finland. Visitors tend to spend more than 1000 euros per visit.

Finnish businesses have realised the benefits of adapting their operations to better serve their international customers. Many of the country’s most popular shops and attractions now offer WeChat Pay as a payment option; from Minna Parikka, Ateneum, Lumi, and the Moomin Shops.

Chinese tourists seem to prefer those brands they are already familiar with prior to arriving in Finland. Several Chinese visitors shop at Minna Parikka’s stores during their trip. Since the brand’s aim is to provide excellent customer experiences, down to the moment of payment, the Minna Parikka company decided that offering WeChat Pay served their purposes.

The shoe designer brand expects the service to delight customers and ease paying, particularly when the high season begins. We are an international brand and want to show it in how we operate. We wish to offer Chinese consumers a familiar and easy payment method.

Similarly, the Moomin shop at the Helsinki airport is a popular stop for numerous Chinese tourists. The shop had already adopted Alipay, and so recognised the benefits of offering familiar mobile payment options for their customers. The shop had realised a demand for WeChat Pay, and have since added the payment option to their register.

Adopting WeChat Pay seems like a no-brainer for entities that cater to Chinese consumers.

"Though WeChat Pay is a payment method like any other, since WeChat is like a small world in itself, we expect customers to be able to find us better also through the app," the Moomin Shop says.

In fact, the multipurpose app can be a very powerful marketing and communication tool for businesses; especially for reaching Chinese consumer already before they arrive in Finland.

All businesses in Finland can now tap into the Chinese consumer market more strongly by offering WeChat Pay with the Finnish payments company AvainPay.

Moomin Shop at the Helsinki Airport