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ContractZen and SignHero join forces to accelerate digital transformation

27 May 2019
ContractZen and SignHero join forces to accelerate digital transformation

ContractZen’s ready-to-use cloud service for digital meeting and contract management now offers SignHero’s free e-signature service. The co-offering lets small and medium-sized businesses manage their critical documents more efficiently.

Electronic signatures have become more and more popular in businesses from all industries. However, e-signature solutions are sometimes considered too expensive and cumbersome for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why SignHero has developed a free-of-charge e-signature solution that is easy to use and fits companies of all sizes.

 “We have received a lot of customer requests for a partnership with ContractZen, which is seen as a game-changing productivity tool for SMEs,” says Jere Vento, Vice President at SignHero. “SignHero focuses on the best possible e-signing experience, while ContractZen is a state-of-the-art solution for other aspects of critical document management. Our happy marriage gives you the best of both services.”

“Our passion at ContractZen is to use the latest cloud technologies to offer companies of all sizes innovative solutions that have previously been available only to the largest of global enterprises -- and often through expensive and time-consuming implementation projects,” says Markus Mikola, CEO & Founder of ContractZen. “SignHero gives our users an excellent e-signing experience. The fact that e-signing is now free takes away the last remaining reason not to e-sign all important documents.”

Both SignHero and ContractZen are designed for global markets with the shared vision of giving small and medium sized companies the opportunity to use modern productivity solutions without complexity or costly implementation. The new service offering is available by signing up for a free trial subscription to ContractZen.