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Collaboration continues and collaboration begins – Harald renewed his contract with Vilpas

7 March 2018
Harald continues as the Vilpas Vikings mascot

Fans of Basketball team Vilpas can let out a sigh of relief. Vilpas won the game against Kouvot 100-80 on Saturday 3.3. and the team secured an important reinforcement for the next season.

Harald the mascot renewed his contract with Salon Vilpas of the Finnish Korisliiga.

“We definitely want Harald to continue with us next season,” says CEO Marko Vihiniemi, “He’s part of the team.”

The Viking didn’t need to search for a pen in order to sign, since Vilpas has advanced to electronic contract management.

Thereby, the signing of Harald’s contract simultaneously marked the beginning of collaboration between Vilpas and their new sponsor, Avaintec. With SignHero, the club can effortlessly eSign player contracts and sponsorship agreements.

“Signing is convenient with SignHero: you just type your signer’s name in there and everything happens really easily,” Marko agrees.

Player Juho Nenonen of Vilpas Vikings and the Finnish National Basketball team also uses SignHero to sign and archive contracts electronically for his company, Sportspot.

Harald signalled his approval with two thumbs up.