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Avaintec reorganises into Business Lines and appoints new roles

13 February 2018
Avaintec's Business Lines

Avaintec has been reorganised into four distinct business lines, each with its responsible Vice President and Service Director. The goal is to streamline decision-making and to clarify the focus and brand for our different services.

The structure is divided as follows:

Project Business: includes migrations, electronic archives and electronic signature solutions in Finland. The aim is to strengthen Avaintec’s current position within the healthcare, finance and public sectors.

SignHero: a global eSignature service for the lazy.

DataChief: a platform for healthcare data analysis based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Initially we focus on the Finnish and Chinese social and healthcare markets.

AvainPay: a mobile payment service for consumers and businesses. We partner with Tencent, owner of the Chinese WeChat Pay payment service.


Avaintec’s CEO, Pekka Kuosmanen, will act as Vice President for our Project Business, DataChief and AvainPay business lines. SignHero will be led by Avaintec’s COO and Head of Marketing, Jere Vento.

SignHero and AvainPay’s Service Director is Johan Sjöberg. While Henrik Leinonen acts as Service Director for DataChief.

Teemu Oksanen has been appointed Service Director for Project Business.


Vice Presidents are responsible for their business line’s development and performance.
Service Directors, on the other hand, are in charge of technology and delivery.