News / 30.11.2017

Katja joins Avaintec to build Artificial Intelligence for the social and healthcare sector

The social and healthcare sector is described more as corrective rather than preventive. This is about to change. D.Sc. Katja Klemola joins Avaintec to bring her expertise to the construction of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems that will enable early prevention and pre-emptive care for children and youth in particular.

Katja comes to Avaintec from EKSOTE, where she applied her service model in order to understand how well certain health and social support services benefit social and healthcare providers, as well as patients themselves, in the long run. Her concern is the lack of early support and poor utilisation of data in healthcare.

“We already have practically all the required data needed to change services from reactive to pre-emptive,” she says, “but first the data has to be edited and analysed, and then fed back to the system.”

Soon we will see how Avaintec and Katja can bring improved analytics tools to healthcare professionals.

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