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The service contains state-of-the-art level tools for data preparation, data analytics, AI-models and machine learning for healthcare organisations. Healthcare organisations’ data analysts can use the solution to do data analytics, predictive analytics and AI/ML models based on their own data.


The solution is simple to use and it contains a workflow component with which the user can graphically create AI-processes from loading data in order to provide AI-based Data-as-a-Service. 


Easy utilisation of customers’ own data 

Fast data preparation for AI-models 

Rapid AI-process implementation 


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ChildScreen is an on-line remote assessment service for acute childhood illnesses. When parents are worried if they need to bring their child to the hospital, they can use ChildScreen to get an answer.


Based on results from standardized questions answered by parents, the AI-model aids in decision making whether the child needs to come to the ER or not. At the ER-side, health-care staff can prepare for arrival, as time to the ER is estimated. 


Assessment already at home, earlier results 

Timely live medical contacts (Less delays, less unnecessary visits) 

Increased safety at hospital 

Minimizing hazardous, late admissions  

Increasing Safety of home stays – follow-up by systems utilizing ChildChief 

Potential for Cost Savings (by all above goals & parental education) 

Designed for use with parents and live professionals



AI-as-a-Service solution to predict the risk of young people being taken into custody. Social care professionals use the service in support of their decision making for early intervention to benefit children’s wellbeing. In the solution data is collected not only from a person’s point of view but also from the whole family. 


The service supports health and social care organizations to give early support to families and to avoid children being taken into custody. 


Improve the quality of life of children and families 

Cost savings since the custody processes are very expensive 

Improve co-operation between health and social care organizations


AI service to identify risks of substance abuse or psychiatric issues. The service uses health and social care data to give social care professionals decision making support to help identify and direct treatment for their customers. 


Improve people’s life especially during epidemics as well as afterwards 

Cost saving since hospital treatments can be avoided 

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AI Therapist

AI service to assist rehabilitation professionals assessing the need of rehabilitation, plan rehabilitation programs, predict risks of worsening conditions during rehabilitation and predict outcomes from home rehabilitation.


The solution supports organisations having a more effective rehabilitation process and to take proper actions based on the patient’s situation.


Improve quality of life of people to be rehabilitated. 

Cost saving since the rehabilitation is targeted and done based on special needs 

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