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Avaintec was born in 1997 when the world began to change

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Avaintec is providing health and social-care organisations with AI-as-a-Service to support and help their professionals in real-time decision making. We work alongside our customers and partners to accelerate the journey towards value-based care, where the focus is improved service (quality of care) with lower costs (efficiency). Our AI services add significant strategic flexibility to the operations of care organisations.

Avaintec’s purpose is to improve the everyday life of people by creating simple AI services from complicated data.

We take the quality and security of our services

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Values and their Impact on our everyday work

Our values and guiding behaviours are the foundation for our company and shape how we do business and treat one another.





Respect and consideration are in the centre of all of our relationships. We are committed to strong and mutually beneficial relationships in order to build long-lasting journeys with our clients and partners.


Our team is committed to developing and offering top-quality AI services for the future.


At Avaintec we encourage lifelong learning and staying curious, which enables us to make improvements to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market. Curious minds can build simple AI services from complicated data. 

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Through our core values of respect, quality and curiosity, we strive to foster an environment where every individual is valued and has resources they need to succeed in their important work. From a deep-rooted culture built on a strong legacy of our values, Avaintec’s global employees bring diverse perspectives and innovative ideas to help enable our vision in becoming the leading AI-as-a-service company.


Our culture is based on our Avaintec values and defined by our shared purpose.

Desert in Dark

Pekka Valmari, Chief physician of the children's disease unit, Lapin Sairaanhoitopiiri

"The decision for the need of treatment is always done by a healthcare professional, not the service. With the help of ChildScreen, support for decision making is received in a timely and proper manner."

Merja Tepponen, Development manager, South Karelia Social and Health Care District

"With the help of the CustodyChief service our goal is to reduce the amount of custody cases by 20 percent so we can achieve savings worth roughly 11 million euros yearly"

Ari Pätsi, CIO, hospital district of South Ostrobothnia

"We have managed to decrease the costs of log monitoring by 30 %. The possibilities of artificial intelligence have been managed to be grasped in AvainLog. We are very satisfied and glad that this service delivered by Avaintec has improved the realisation and monitoring of GDPR regulations"

What people say about our AI services

Desert in Dark

Pekka Valmari,


Lapin Sairaanhoitopiirin

“Päätöksen hoidon tarpeesta tekee aina terveydenhuollon ammattilainen, ei palvelu. ChildScreenin avulla saadaan hyvin ja nopeasti tuki hoitopäätösten tekoon.”

Desert in Dark

Merja Tepponen, Kehitysjohtaja,  Etelä-Karjalan sosiaali- ja terveyspiirin

“CustodyChief-palvelun avulla tavoitteenamme on  vähentää huostaanottojen määrää 20 prosentilla, jolloin kykenemme saavuttamaan 11 miljoonan euron vuosittaiset kustannussäästöt.”

Desert in Dark

Ari Pätsi, CIO, Etelä-Pohjanmaan Sairaanhoitopiirin

“Palvelun avulla olemme saaneet alennettua lokivalvonnan kustannuksia noin 30 %. AvainLogissa on onnistuttu tarttumaan tekoälyn tuomiin mahdollisuuksiin. Olemme todella tyytyväisiä  ja iloisia, että Avaintecin toimittama palvelu on parantanut tietosuojan ja GDPR-säännöstön toteutusta ja valvontaa.”